I am Arun and I am 22 years old. I work with Freshworks Inc. as Freshdesk’s Product Marketing Analyst.

When I first discovered the concept of websites and blogs, I thought Dreamweaver by Adobe was my first choice. That was in 2010 when I was getting started with making websites and blogs.

But, I was wrong. One of my friends introduced me to Blogger.com and I learned that web publishing by writing blogs is how most of the websites are made. I discovered WordPress and my life changed since.

I became obsessed with tech writing and have come a long way since. I wrote for Axleration (now sold) and Devils’ Workshop (no longer publishing)

Post that, in 2013, I got busy with college and I wasn’t really focused on blogging since. Fast forward 2 years, and in 2015, I started StrikeBuys – a coupon blog and I started publishing the best available shopping deals in India, discounts and coupon codes available for web domains, hosting, games and whatnot. StrikeBuys was shut down in 2017, owing to unavailability of time. I found most of my efforts going down the drain.

I started tech blogging again and I now have my own tech blog by the name Briffly. I try hard at publishing daily, but I lose track of time when I am at office, hustling through marketing campaigns for Freshworks Inc.

I am kickstarting my focus on Briffly and StrikeBuys once again. Briffly runs on a self-hosted WordPress (WordPress.org) site while StrikeBuys has different plans (stay tuned if you are interested to see what I do with it)

I also happened to re-discover WordPress.com a few weeks back and I am hooked! Primarily because it enables discoverability by the feature WordPress Discover. My posts get better visibility when tagged right and it encourages me to write more.