[Daily Prompts] Treat

Daily Prompts by Automattic: Today’s word is Treat.

Today was one of those days I had always wanted to happen sooner. I met up with my cousin after many years, and it was a wonderful moment hanging out together at the malls and discussing each others’ lives over lunch.

We hadn’t done this in a long time, and I genuinely missed the good old days from my childhood.

I had taken a day off today at work, and when my cousin called me over phone, I was very excited about his arrival in Chennai. I left for his home and spent the whole day hanging out, buying toys for his son, ate lunch together and received his new bike that he had pre-booked. I headed back home later at night, and it turns out Jan 3 was a good start to 2018. It was indeed a treat.

Daily Prompts by Automattic: It’s an initiative by Automattic to encourage bloggers to write daily. Every morning they publish a new word, which forms the theme for bloggers around the world to write a story on. Learn more about Daily Prompts here, and I suggest you participate too! 

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