Parents first visit to a barbecue joint; Coal Barbecues at 40% discount!

We visited Coal Barbecues here at T Nagar earlier today. I took my my parents and my cousin’s family to dinner, as my uncle sugggested that my parents have never had the expereince of barbecues.

I decided on taking everyone to Coal Barbecues at Velachery, but discovered that there was a new branch open at T Nagar. In addition to experiencing a newly opened store, we couldn’t miss out on redeeming a flat 40% discount that the new store was offering.

The ambience was wonderful, and the customer service was good too. My dad doesn’t eat meat and the waiters did everything to make sure that he was enjoying along with the rest of us.

The taste was not up to the mark though. I have been to Barbeque Nation in Trichy and Absolute Barbecue in Chennai. Coal Barbecues didn’t seem to match the taste I experienced at the other two – maybe that’s because we arrived early, by around 7pm, as opposed to the regular crowd time which happens to be 8pm-9pm – fresh preparations?

The live counters is a deal breaker though! They offered dishes with our choice of combinations. This is my first and I had a good experience ordering my choice of french fries, pizza and Mongolian rice.

For the curious ones in Chennai, I highly encourage you to visit this new store! They’re offering 40% discount on all bookings until November 30th. Make the best of it while it lasts.

Oh, don’t forget the Fire Paan!

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